Privacy Policy

Buyer Protection Policies.

Our mission is to provide the best experience for our customers.

We offer 100% Protection Policy to our customers. Our Brand of trust clearly defines our values, promising the best online shopping experience to our customers.

  1. Genuine Products (authenticity)

We guarantee to sell only genuine products to customers through

  1. Payment Security

Customers’ Personal Data is kept Confidential.

All Online Transactions are secured.

  1. Easy Returns, Replacements & Refunds

Return/Replacement request for any Order should be submitted within 3 (working) days of receiving the Product.

Refund/Replacement will be initiated only upon receiving of the product. (How long)

Order Replacement will depend upon the condition of the product (damaged, not working in following cases:

– Not working of the product.

– Missing Accessories.

– Not as per description.

In case the product was damaged while in your possession, NUI will not be under any liability to process the refund/replacement/ Damaged/ Missing/ Empty Packages need to be returned within 3 days (upon) receiving the product.

Order Replacement can be done in following cases: (remove)

– Non-working of the product

– Missing Accessories

– Defective/ Damaged

– Not as per description

*NOTE : Return Package must have the original Price tag and Packaging slip. (receipt)