What is Pen Quran?

Pen Quran is a digital pen device that comes with a special digitally gridded misry printed Quran. Quran Pen detects exact Ayah to Ayah, Page to Page of Quran with possibilities to repeat the recitation multiple times, record your own voice and many more features.

Who should buy Pen Quran?

“Every household must have atlest 1 set of Pen Quran”

Key Features

  • Helps to Learn and memorize Quran without supervision
  • Improves pronunciation and helps to avoid mistakes
  • Pen Quran comes with digitally gridded printed Quran in misri font
  • Device can be connected with a headphone, giving a crystal clear experience
  • Allowed to take at Madrasa classes
  • It’s a dedicated Learning Device unlike other Apps on phone which can distract
  • It is an excellent gift for fellow mumin.